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The benthic mapping project uses sound waves, radar waves, optical photography, and sediment sampling to gather data from the Hudson River bottom. This data can be used by scientists to generate maps showing different aspects of the river bottom, such as its composition, and changes due to human use.

"Benthic" refers to the river bottom, as opposed to "pelagic" which refers to the water column. The study of the river bottom is an important undertaking with vast implications for conservation, business, and recreation.

Hudson River with cross lineRiver coresSonar image of river bottomHudson River crossection
Clockwise from top left:
  1. Sonar image
  2. Hudson River, red line marks crossection from
    Ossining to Haverstraw
  3. Cores taken from Hudson river
  4. Crossection of Hudson river floor

    Each image is clickable, and will take you to a larger image with more information.